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Sidhe-seers (pronounced shee si-ers) are human females that can see past Fae glamour because not all Fae magic can work on them.

"We are the sidhe-seers and we watch over Mankind. We protect them from the Old Ones. We stand between this world and all the others. We fight Death in its many guises and now, more than ever, we are the most important people on this earth."
Rowena, Bloodfever, Ch 13



Sidhe-seers were actually the last caste of Unseelie that the Unseelie King made. He made them in order to help protect the Sinsar Dubh.

Sidhe-seers are always female. They inherit their abilities from their mothers.

Sidhe-seers must always have hope. According to Mac, a sidhe-seer without hope is basically done for.

The single greatest advantage anyone can take into any battle is hope. A sidhe-seer without hope, without an unshakable determination to survive, is a dead sidhe-seer. A sidhe-seer who believes herself outgunned, outmanned, may as well point that doubt straight at her temple, pull the trigger, and blow out her own brains.
- Mac, Darkfever, Ch 16

To help determine if someone if a sidhe-seer, if a Fae is around, instead of looking at the Fae, look to see who else notices the Fae.


Sidhe-seers have been around for at least a million years when the Unseelie King made the Sinsar Dubh. Throughout time, they fought against any and all Seelie. They were also hunted and killed by Seelie. Because of their powers, they were revered by those they protected, giving them a high status.

They collected any and all things Fae and hid them away from mankind.

"Some say when Christianity came to Ireland, sidhe-seers encouraged the building of churches in specific places, even funded them, perhaps to keep their secrets safely buried on consecrated ground."
-Jericho Barrons, Bloodfever, Ch 5

At the beginning of the Fever Series, more than seven hundred sidhe-seers are located within The Abbey outside of Dublin.


Each sidhe-seer has different abilities and levels of power or resistance to the Fae. Some of their powers are limited or they have multiple special powers. Many of the powers are latent and often arise in times of need. The presence of Fae, and especially engaging in battle with the Fae, wakens their abilities very quickly.

Sensing the Fae

The sidhe-seers were revered long ago because they would feel a sense of doom or become ill when the Fae were near. They would then save the humans.

"Thousands of years ago, when the Fae still rant the Wild Hunt, destroying anything in their path, this was what a sidhe-seer felt when the Tuatha Dé riders approached en masse. This was her warning to lead her people to safety."
Jericho Barrons, Darkfever Ch 11


A Null is a sidhe-seer that can immobilize a Fae when she touches them with her hands, making it so the Fae cannot move or sift place. The effect lasts for a several minutes. The more powerful the Fae, the less time the effect works. Barrons believed Nulls to be mythical. However, he was proven wrongs, as Mac is a Null.

Objects of Power

Some sidhe-seers can sense Seelie or Unseelie objects of power.


Some sidhe-seers can see Tabh'rs, or hidden portals between realms.


The Haven

The sidhe-seers have a council, or Haven, which include a group of people that run things and make decisions. There are seven circles of ascension within the sidhe-seer organization. The Haven is the seventh level within the organization. The Haven is headed by the Grand Mistress.

It used to be that the members of the Haven were voted upon. But Rowena changed this rule and selects members according to their loyalty to her.

As Grand Mistress, Rowena is the leader of the sidhe-seers. However, either because she's afraid or she's too protective, she has not necessarily taught the sidhe-seers to fight against the Fae. Instead, she has sheltered them in The Abbey. After the walls fell, Rowena still kept the sidhe-seers in The Abbey while regular humans fought off the Unseelie. This was a huge point of contention for Mac. Mac challenged Rowena every chance she could get to gain control of the sidhe-seers as she felt that Rowena wasn't allowing them to do what they were born to do - fight the Fae.

Poste Haste, Inc.

The sidhe-seers also run an organization called Poste Haste, Inc. (PHI) Courier Services, located in Dublin, Ireland. This is part of their cover for what their real jobs were - hunting the Fae. PHI also has outlets located around the world. Their emblem is a shamrock that is actually two S's and one P put together to resemble a shamrock which stand for See, Serve, and Protect.

"It's the emblem of our Order. It's the symbol our ancient sisters used to carve on their doors and dye into banners millennia ago, when they moved to a new village... The first S is for See, the second for Serve, the P for Protect. The shamrock itself is the symbol of Eire, the great Ireland. The Möbius strip is our pledge of guardianship eternal."
Rowena, Bloodfever, Ch 13

Their uniforms include light green trousers with white and green pinstriped poplin shirts. One the pocket is a shamrock with the letters PHI.

The PHI building is located in Dublin. It is three-stories, painted the same light green as the uniform trousers with cherry trimming and is adorned with tall arched windows. The sign outside the building has the same misshapen shamrock, however this shamrock is spelled. In fact, all of the PHI shamrocks that are in signs and ads are spelled to bring in sidhe-seers who don't know what they are.


The sidhe-seers are found around the world, but there are certain locations where they're found as a group.

The Abbey

Arlington Abbey, called The Abbey, is located several hours from Dublin. This is the world headquarters for the sidhe-seers. It was beneath this building that the Sinsar Dubh was originally located.

The Libraries

The libraries, that include all the sidhe-seer Fae knowledge, are located within the Abbey. There are 21 libraries. A sidhe-seer can only enter a certain number of libraries depending on the level of ascension she has within the sidhe-seer organization.. For instance, if a sidhe-seer is in the third (of seven) level of ascension, then she can enter up to four of the twenty-one libraries. Only members of the Haven have access to the forbidden libraries.


The sidhe-seers have specific rules that they must go by that have been passed through the many generations in order to survive. It also seems that certain things come to them naturally, as if they're memories or something is built into the DNA.

  • One betrayed is one dead. Two betrayed is two dead. Rowena, Darkfever, Ch 18
  • The wind is everywhere. Cast no words upon it you don't wish followed back to you. Dani O'Malley, Bloodfever, Ch 9
  • If they catch you, bow your head before them and never look into their eyes. Faefever, Ch 5


There were rituals that the sidhe-seers did, but many of them were forgotten.

I had an overwhelming desire to start screaming at everyone to run, to leave to do...something...I couldn't remember...something that lurked somewhere in my genetic memory...a thing we'd learned to do...long ago...a ritual, dark thing...we'd paid a terrible had been our greatest shame...we'd made ourselves forget.
Mac, Bloodfever, Ch 15


Alina Lane

Alina Lane was unaware of that she was a sidhe-seer. She found out when she attended Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She was trained by the Lord Master.


Barb is a sidhe-seer located at the Abbey. She doesn't like Mac. She is able to go through wards.


Mac meets Clare during a meeting at pub with a group of other sidhe-seers.

Dani O'Malley

Dani is a young teenager with the super-fast abilities.

Isla O'Connor

Isla O'Connor is Alina and Mac's mother. She carried the Spear. She was the youngest sidhe-seer to ever attain the position of Haven Mistress--spokeswoman for the High Council--in the history of the Abbey. She was extremely gifted.


Jo is a sidhe-seer located at the Abbey. She doesn't like Mac.


Mac meets Josie during a meeting at pub with a group of other sidhe-seers. She is skinny, with platinum blond hair, lots of black eyeliner, and black nail polish. She was present during the time that Moira was killed at BB&B.


Katrina (aka Kat) is part of the original sidhe-seers at the Abbey. She is able to sense others' emotions. She had brown hair and gray eyes. Her brothers Sean and Jamie were killed after the walls fell.

Kayleigh O'Reilly

Kayleigh is Nana's daughter and grew up with Isla O'Connor. She carried the Sword of Light. She was appointed to positions of the greatest power within the Abbey.


Liz is a sidhe-seer located at the Abbey. She has a MacHalo and doesn't like Mac.

MacKayla Lane

MacKayla Lane was unaware that she was a sidhe-seer. She did not wish for the powers and accepted being a sidhe-seer begrudgingly.


Mac meets Mary during a meeting at pub with a group of other sidhe-seers.


Mac meets Mo during a meeting at pub with a group of other sidhe-seers.


Moira is killed when she and other sidhe-seers attack and attempt to steal the Spear from Mac. Mac had pulled out the Spear and Moira ran into it.

Nana O'Reilly

Nana O'Reilly is an elderly sidhe-seer that refused to stay at the Abbey. The year the walls fell, she was ninety-seven years old. Her home, a crofters' cottage on the far edge of County Clare, was heavily warded. When Mac first meets her, Nana knew immediately that Mac was Isla's daughter. Nana was very good friends with Patrona, Mac's grandmother.

Patrona O'Connor

Patrona O'Connor was Isla's mother and Alina and Mac's grandmother. She gave birth to Isla late in life. She never wed and would never say the name of Isla's father. Her grave is located a few miles south of Nana O'Reilly's house in County Clare. She and Nana were best friends.


Rowena is the leader of the sidhe-seer organization, Poste Haste, Inc. She is also the Grand Mistress of the council of sidhe-seers.


Mac meets Shauna during a meeting at pub with a group of other sidhe-seers. She is tall, gray-eyed, with brown hair. She was present during the time that Moira was killed at BB&B.


Mac meets Sorcha during a meeting at pub with a group of other sidhe-seers. Sorcha later dies when she puts her boot on and it has a shade in it.

Other Sidhe-Seer Families

There were a number of families that were known to have sidhe-seers in their blood. The six most potent lines include:

  • Brennan
  • O'Reilly
  • Kennedy
  • O'Connor
  • MacLoughlin
  • O'Malley

Others include:

  • MacRory
  • MacSweeny


Mac and Dani come up with a song they sing while fighting Unseelie. The song eventually becomes an anthem for sidhe-seers around the world.

We're taking back the night!
Let there be light.
We're not afraid anymore.
You took what was mine
And now it's time
For you and me to settle the score.
We're taking back the night!
Dreamfever, Ch 9
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